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3PL (Third Party Logistics)

Every business owner wants his business to grow and generate as much revenue as possible. To do this, it is necessary to systematize all stages of work, making them as cost-effective and fast as possible. And here you cannot do without the services of professional logistics companies.

Translogistik offers services in one of the most efficient areas – 3PL. Third-party logistics implies interaction, organization and control from delivery to tracking of movement of goods to its final customer. Our specialists have everything necessary for the high-quality implementation of all stages.

3PL: main benefits

3PL operator offers innovations and advanced information technology as well as the work of a highly qualified staff. Translogistik actively uses IT systems in the development of routes and transportation of each cargo. Additionally, our specialists regulate product distribution channels, which allows to increase sales efficiency even if you are new to the market.

Our list of services also includes:

  • effective and integrated transportation management;
  • records of stock and goods in storage;
  • warehouse storage and cargo handling;
  • re-issue of documents for import and export shipments;
  • development of customized work flows;
  • the ability of tracking all processes through Translogistik information systems and databases.

Translogistik everything you need to quickly optimize your business. The advanced use of IT allows to cooperate with the best 3PL logistics operators in the global market. This allows you to daily improve your company’s algorithms for a smooth workflow.

3PL logistics services by Translogistik are a contemporary approach to integration into the world market. Our specialists will develop customized solutions tailored to your business.