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2PL (Second Party Logistics)

Well-arranged transport logistics is one of the fundamentals of a company’s efficiency. Competent development and drawing up of routes, selection of proper vehicles, calculation of delivery time and compression of transportation schedule. When all processes are arranged properly, the cost of goods can be reduced by 20%.

Translogistik offers professional transportation logistics services. You will not need to draw up complex algorithms. Our experts will do it much faster, saving your time and money. One of the most popular areas is the 2PL logistics system.

2PL system

2PL logistics primarily includes external activities, where one or several leading providers carry out a set of core logistics services – cargo transportation and standard warehouse storage.

2PL involves such market participants as:

  • transport companies;
  • warehouses of public and individual use;
  • freight forwarders;
  • all types of cargo terminals;
  • customs brokers and their agents;
  • insurance agents and companies.

2PL with Translogistik means provision of high-quality services and comprehensive support at transportation of goods to any delivery point. Close cooperation with world logistics companies gives us a particular advantage over our competitors. Our firm cares about the safety of your cargo at any stage. We allocate specialized vehicles for fragile goods and articles of special value.

With a full arsenal of methods and well-arranged systems in the process of cargo movement, Translogistik has gained valuable experience in the many years of its existence. We guarantee mutually beneficial cooperation options and effective solutions in a wide variety of logistics issues!