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More than 50% of customers refuse a company’s services in case of frequent delays in shipment of goods or failure to meet delivery timeframes. This not only reduces the overall profit, but also damages the business’ reputation. The optimal solution to this problem is the cross-docking system by Translogistik. This is a set of services that implies the delivery of goods within minimal time, without long-term storage or lodging cargo in the warehouse.

Specifics of cross-docking system

Translogistik offers to its customers the key solutions of cross-docking system:

  • Single-stage – implies the flow of cargo through the warehouse as a separate and unchanged order.
  • Two-stage – involves re-registration of a shipped batch, the cargo can be divided into batches.

Cross-docking is an important strategic step of Translogistik applied in Moscow, that optimizes the system for the needs of a large city:

  • delivery time shortens;
  • no need to order two vehicles – for delivery to and from the warehouse;
  • as a result, the costs of moving cargo are minimal;
  • all types of costs associated with warehouse storage (leasing of premises, services of workers, etc.) are reduced;
  • possibility of mobile control over all stages through Translogistik information systems and databases.

Choosing cross-docking services will significantly save yourmoney. This system is the optimal solution for products with a high consumer demand, including foodstuffs, holiday goods (such as souvenirs), or promotional events, when 100% quality control and quick implementation are needed. Cross-docking warehouses are premises designed for fast operations with goods. Immediately after loading, they are redirected to the destination.

Cross-docking services with Translogistik always mean a high-quality service and guarantee of fast and secure delivery of your goods.