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Warehouse logistics

Translogistik provides a full range of 3PL warehouse logistics services using its own and leased operating spaces:

Acceptance of customer’s goods in batches to warehouse.

Carried out by whole pallets using fork lift. At customer’s request, loading and unloading may be carried out in bulk, i.e. manually and box-by-box. This is a labor-intensive and inefficient process.
This implies batch storage of goods on euro-pallets (meaning pallet size 120 x 80 cm), while observing the required temperature conditions. Т1 from 15 to 25 degrees C and Т2 from 0 to +6. Bin location warehousing (rack, floor, fine-mesh).

Control over fulfilment of customer’s orders at the stage of pick-up, including preparation of shortage reports and/or correction of shipping documents.

Order pick-up options by FIFO method or full-fledged order consolidation. Important: order consolidation may be made in accordance with specific requirements of the customer’s counterparties for collecting, storage and palletization.
Options to maintain the individual document format requirements of each counterparty. Each one of a customer’s counterparty may maintain its own form of any document. Support of customer’s own commodity codes in respect of each counterparty. Preparation of certificates and registers. Preparation of documents for cargo that goes in transit through intermediate logistics distribution centers.
Correction of documents with introduction of relevant changes to Translogistik Information System. Further transmission of these changes to the customer’s information system.
Transfer of returns to warehouse from customer’s counterparties.

Inventory procedures.

Repacking of goods using shrink packaging. Labeling of goods and printing labels.

Disposal of scrap.

Using this service, a customer can at any time independently receive analytical reports directly from the Translogistik Information System database.