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IT Support

For a business to be successful, tight control should be exercised over every single one of its stages – from purchase of raw materials to brand development. Among the most important activities is the tracking of transportation of goods in order to ensure their timely and high-quality delivery.

This becomes simple thanks to the introduction of cargo IT support services by Translogistik. Our automated information system is linked to i-Markt, the leading database. Now the client can independently monitor worldwide transportations at any time.

Benefits of Translogistik

  • 100% guaranteed safety of your goods and keeping track of their transportation every minute.
  • Automated batch procedures applied when placing customers’ orders in the parameters of Translogistik Information System.
  • Provides analytic online services for customers. With their help, at any instant you can carry out and receive an analytical report from the Translogistik Information System databases.
  • Our automated warehouse inventory system is optimized for working with databases from your tablet or laptop.
  • Save time and get information quickly on where your products are and when they will be delivered.
  • No delays, thanks to streamlined processes.

Translogistik informational logistics recording system will provide automation of trade and transportation, as well as mobile solutions for any transport logistics issues. Thanks to the work on the basis of i-Markt it became possible to efficiently and quickly manage transport corridors, and to get instant and accurate data.

By using the latest IT developments, Translogistik is a guarantee of high-quality and fast organization of transport logistics for your business.