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About the company

Translogistik is a logistics operator in Moscow and the Moscow region. The company has been working on the logistics services market since 2001 and established itself as a reliable and efficient logistics service provider – 3PL operator. We provide a full range of warehousing and transport logistics services.

What makes us special among other 3PL operators?

  • We ensure cold supply chains.
  • We know how to handle fast-moving consumer goods.
  • We ensure maintenance of real batch wise mode throughout the working cycle, starting from batch acceptance of goods and maintaining batch order in a warehouse in storage mode, accepting batch bids and orders from the client, ending with exact selection and shipment to the client’s counterparties.
  • We know how to work with perishable goods.
  • We work with the goods sold by pieces (such as pharmaceuticals).
  • Our warehouses are regularly audited for compliance with requirements of major network retailers.
  • Automated business processes and electronic document management.

Why choose us?

The effectiveness of the logistics operator, as a rule, directly affects the financial results of the client and not only in terms of logistics costs. Out-of-stock situations can occur due to the fault of the logistics operator (indicating unsatisfactory service levels), in addition to penalties and direct losses from under-performing sales, may result in the loss of some share of shelf, which may have long-lasting consequences for the client and their business.

Translogistik provides the customer with the optimal cost-benefit ratio for the services provided.

We work together with our customers to optimize internal and joint business processes in order to reduce expenses.

Cold Zone (0 to 6 С), m2 Warm Zone, m2 Office premises, m2 Total
Space 1500 2700 1500 5700
Capacity, pal./units 1600 2800 4400
Tier structure of storage 4 4 -- --
Number of loading time slots 12 13 25
Shipping options (box-by-box picking), ton/day 200 250 -- 450